April 22nd, 2017
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Registration closes April 21st

Quarter Path Rec Center
202 Quarter Path Road
Williamsburg, VA

$60 registration fee per team. Registration is limited to first 16 teams.


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The Rules

A team consists of 3 players on the court and a maximum of 2 substitutes.

Players must be 16 years of age to participate.

3 on 3 basketball is a half-court game. The “check-line” shall be the top of the foul circle.

Any verbal abuse directed at an official will be an automatic ejection from the tournament.

Playing time will be two 8-minute halves.
There will be a three-minute halftime break.
The clock will run continuously throughout the game.
The referee will only be allowed to stop time for injuries.
The referee will keep the injury time and add it back at the end of the half.

All non-foul baskets are two points.
Two points are awarded to the shooting team for any foul committed during the act of shooting when the shot is missed.
Three points are awarded to the shooting team for any foul committed during the act of shooting and when the shot is made.
One point will be awarded to the OFFENSIVE team for any non-shooting foul made by the DEFENSIVE team. The OFFENSIVE team will retain possession of the ball.
One point will be awarded to the DEFENSIVE team for any OFFENSIVE team foul. The DEFENSIVE team will be awarded the ball.

None except by referee for injuries.

If a tie exists at the end of regulation, there will be a sudden death shoot-off from the foul line. Each team will determine their shooting order using all of their players. Each team will then alternate shots with the opposing team. The first team to make a shot without their opponent making theirs will be declared the winner.

Team must be signed in and READY TO PLAY at the scheduled time. Any team not ready to play at game time will forfeit that game.

Winners of coin toss get first possession in first half, loser gets first possession in second half. The referee will signal the ball in play for both halves.

To start each half, or putting the ball in play after a score, a player must put the ball in play from the top of the foul circle.

Inbound plays will be made by a pass in from the top of the foul circle. The referee must handle the ball on all inbound plays.

The ball will change hands after each made basket. All changes of possession (defensive steals, blocked shots and rebounds) must be returned to the top of the foul circle. Violation will result in change of possession.

Held ball situations will result in alternating possessions.

Any shooting foul with a missed basket results in two points for the shooting team. The fouling team is given possession.
Any shooting foul with a converted basket results in three points awarded to the shooting team. The fouling team is given possession.
Any intentional/flagrant foul will result in two points and possession being given to the offended team.
For any non-shooting foul committed, either OFFENSIVE or DEFENSIVE, the team fouled will be awarded one point and the ball.
A technical foul will result in the loss of possession and two points to the opposing team. A second technical foul will result in the immediate loss of the game.
No one can foul out, but the referee has the right to warn and then eject any player for excessively rough play.

Substitutions may be made after made shots or fouls, but the person coming in must be waved in by the referee.

Stalling is not permitted. A team will receive one warning and additional violations will result in a loss of possession.

May compete for ONLY ONE team. Once a player has played with a team, that player cannot play with any other team. A violation will result in forfeiture of the games involving the player.

All questions should be directed to tournament director Randy Owen.


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